AWZI Harnaschpolder kantoor

Contact details

Postal address         Office address
Postbus 560                Peuldreef 4
2600 AN                     2635 BX
Delft                          Den Hoorn

T +31(0)15-219 50 00
F +31(0)15-219 24 32

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Harnaschpolder luchtfoto detail

AWZI Harnaschpolder

Peuldreef 4
2635 BX  Den Hoorn

T +31(0)15-219 5000
F +31(0)15-219 2432

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AWZI Houtrust - luchtfoto detail

AWZI Houtrust

Houtrustweg 120
2566 GJ Den Haag

T +31(0)70-365 3808
F +31(0)70-392 4980

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AWZI Houtrust - Kunstwerk

More information

For more information about the management and maintenance of our plants or the service we offer, please contact us, preferably via:

AWZI harnaschpolder - rondleidingen

Guided Tours

On request, Delfluent Services will organise a fascinating tour of the Harnaschpolder WWTP for interested groups. This starts in the presentation room with an informative film and presentation, after which a guide accompanies you along the special ‘visitor’s path’ to give you an impression of the scope of the plant while explaining the biological waste water treatment process.

More information about our guided tours

+31(0)15 219 50 00
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