Company values Delfluent

Our objective is “the sustainable treatment of waste water in order to improve the quality of our environment in the longer term”. This objective is also expressed in the long, 30-year, contract period. Sustainability occupies centre stage in our activities, not only in the construction, the maintenance and the operational activities, but also in the strengthening of our relationship with the interested parties and the increase in our knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, with our end product, purified water, we are already working towards a cleaner and more sustainable society.

Beluchtingafsluiters biologische tanks

An additional advantage of long-term responsibility for the management and maintenance is that investments are made in sustainable solutions during the construction and renovation of both plants. The greatest contribution towards the energy sustainability derives from the recycling of biogas from sludge waste. This gas is good for a substantial part, over 50%, of the total energy requirement of Harnaschpolder. In addition, durable materials, high rate of return from the electrical and mechanical equipment, minimal drinking water consumption and taking the natural environment into account are important aspects that were considered in the design.