Fitting in the environment

Groenzone: huisstructuur uit de Romeinse tijd


Sustainable building also means paying attention to the history of the area in which you build. In the Harnaschpolder, where the large waste water treatment plant is springing up, people have left their tracks through the ages. On and around the building site there have been a large number of finds and at the edge of the plant site, an archaeological reminder has been established in a cross-section of a dune, with a replica wooden New Stone Age house.

Delfluent Transportsysteem - Ypenburg

Landscape and nature: green zone

A lot of attention has been paid to the permanent integration of the waste water treatment in the existing and changing landscape and nature. In consultation with people living in the neighbourhood and themunicipalityofMidden-Delflandit was decided to develop a green zone around the site, a so-called leave-strip landscape. However, it was consciously decided not to hide the plant. Walkers can choose a route with a view of the settling tanks or a green route. The design of the green zone also refers to the former landscape, with vegetation from the New Stone Age and the Roman era.