Project Afvalwater Haagse Regio

The reason to start the project Afvalwater Haagse Regio (AHR) was the shortage in treatment capacity and the compliance with the more stringent European regulations on waste water. By signing a DBFO contract the Delfland Water Board intended to realise the project within time and in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.

AWZI Harnaschpolder - Middenweg, zicht op vergisters

The project is the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the water sector of The Netherlands. Given the limited available implementation time, a choice was made to apply proven technologies for the design. The aim is to enlarge the treatment capacity of waste water and to comply with the stringent European regulations on waste water, within the allotted time and taking into account a cost saving of at least 10,5% compared to a conventional way of contracting.