Evides Industriewater

Evides Industriewater BV is an important water partner for the industrial sector in northwest Europe. This company is a subsidiary of Evides NV, the supplier of drinking water to 2.5 million customers in the Dutch province of Zeeland, the south-western part of South Holland and the Wal area in the province of Brabant. Evides has over 130 years experience with the treatment of water. Innovation, quality and reliability of supply are of paramount importance in this respect.

Evides Industriewater - aandeelhouder Delfluent

As the largest supplier of water services to the industrial sector in The Netherlands, Evides Industriewater is responsible for the production and supply of various water qualities, such as industrial water, demineralised water, distilled water and processing water. Evides Industriewater builds and finances water treatment plants on the basis of its own design and proven technology and enters into Design-Build-Finance-Operate (DBFO) agreements with customers. Evides has considerable experience and expertise in the field of water treatment, including the purification of wastewater.

Waste water treatment is an important link in the water chain management. Evides Industriewater owns and manages various household and industrial waste water treatment plants. Evides treats, for example, the waste water from various industrial estates and from Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

AWZI Houtrust overzicht

Role in the Delfluent consortium

Evides Industriewater has 54,5% of the shares in Delfluent. Evides is also a 100% partner in Delfluent Services, which is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the existing Houtrust waste water treatment plant and the new Harnaschpolder plant until 2033.