AWZI Harnachpolder - Voorbezinktanks en slibindikker


Strukton is a full service provider in the field of infrastructure and accommodation. The strength of Strukton lies in the accomplishment of complex projects in complex environments, focussing on mobility, junctions and continuous exploitation. Our aim is to enable the end-user to travel conveniently as well as living, working, relaxing and learning in a comfortable environment. Strukton takes part in seven of the fourteen contracted DBFM(O) projects and is as such an experienced player in the market.

Within the three market segments where Strukton operates, -but also outside these segments-, Strukton Integrale Projecten is involved in PPP-projects, new concepts and own initiatives. Thinking from an integral life cycle of objects or environments, requires a different way of weighing costs and of cooperation models. The weight of quality, durability and total cost on the long term is heavier than initial investment costs. In this complex process Strukton is the cooperative partner who oversees the entire chain and is capable to play an active (management) role from the conceptual phase to the exploitation phase. The collective power of Strukton results in demonstrable cost reductions for the employer, which can be as high as 10 to 15%.

Role in the Delfluent consortium

Strukton participates for 10% in Delfluent. Strukton Civiel and Strukton Bouw were, together with Heijmans, responsible for the design and the Construction of all civil constructions.