Transportsysteem - PS Ypenburg

A sudden event, which constitutes a serious threat to the transport and the treatment of waste water, possibly with detrimental effects for the public interests, health and the environment, is considered by Delfluent Services as a calamity.

In order to avoid the occurrence of any calamity, extensive design and control measures, were introduced. In a structured way, critical parts, repair times, spare parts supply times, the risk of breakdowns, the possible consequences, etc, were identified. Based on this analysis, the required redundancy of installations, spareparts, working protocols, safety precautions and the control and alarm systems were identified.

AWZI Houtrust - luchtfoto detail

However, calamities can never be completely avoided. For that reason, Delfluent Services has prepared itself well for the occurrence of calamities. In close cooperation with the employer, the Delfland Water Board, calamity plans were developed and is the calamity organisation regularly trained.

The efforts of the calamity organisation are focussed on the limitation of damages as much as possible, and to restore the normal situation for the installations and the environment. For instance, in case of a bursting pressure main, waste water can end up in the ground or in a ditch. By compartmenting the area where the burst occurred and possibly the ditch, the detrimental effects can be limited to a minimum.

Reporting of calamities

Notwithstanding the fact that Delfluent Services continuously checks its installations, it might be possible that you will observe a calamity at our treatment plants Houtrust or Harnaschpolder, or at our transport system earlier than we do. We would appreciate it if you woukd contact us fort hat matter. Our general telephone number: 015-219 5000 can be reached 24 hours per day.

Environmental incidents

In case of a environmental incident and the cause is not known, we advise you to contact the ‘environment telephone’ of the Province: 0888 333555.


Pollution of the surface waters

In case of a pollution of the surface waters, we advise you to contact the ‘meldpunt toezicht’ of the Delfland Water Board: 015-2701888.