Cooperation programme

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In order to guarantee the success of the Public Private Partnership between the Delfland Water Board, Delfluent and Delfluent Services (DSBV) during the entire contract period, they have jointly expressed their wish to invest in a structural cooperation by means of a so called Cooperation Programme. This Cooperation Programme is the platform for joint projects and developments resulting from the Public Private Partnership. It presents a clear picture of the common goals, the advantages from and the progress of the projects.

An important advantage of the Cooperation Programme has been the joint production a management system, which will guarantee the public interests and will avoid any future judicial issues between the Delfland Water Board, Delfluent and DSBV (as a result of insufficient knowledge/understanding of common goals.

The Cooperation Programme also intends to promote the way that the private parties Delfluent and DSBV will implement the public responsibilities of the Delfland Water Board, as far as efficiency and effectivity are concerned. This may create possibilities to extend the scope of the contract and to further develop the “Finance – Operate” concept.

The Public Private Partnership is part of the waste water chain in the area of the Delfland Water Board. Municipalities are direct chain-partners of the Delfland Water Board. DSBV is actively involved as participant in the studies with the Delfland Water Board and the municipalities for the optimization of the waste water chain.