Quality management

Ontwaterd slib silo’s - Houtrust

One of the contractual obligations of Delfluent and Delfluent Services (DSBV) is the introduction of a Quality Management Systeem (ISO 9001), partly to give the Delfland Water Board the opportunity to apply their policy of remote governance and thus not getting involved with the day to day operational activities of DSBV. However, to what extent such system should be developed was not specified. In order to arrive at a system, satisfactoy for all concerned parties, the system was designed in close cooperation between the Delfland Water Board and DSBV.

Harnaschpolder - Slibbegisingstank

By now DSBV has an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and PAS 55 certified management system, comprising the following integrated management systems:

Scada besturingssysteem

The Process Data Management System is fully accessible for the Delfland Water Board. Apart from the fact that maintenance can be performed more efficiently and more effectively with the application of the Asset Management System, it also guarantees that the installations can be handed back at the end of the contract period to the Delfland Water Board in a good state of repair.