Asset Management System

Asset Management plays a prominent role in the strategy and the policy of Delfluent Services. It is an essential part of the Public Private Partnership and is specified in the Operations & Maintenance contract. From the point of view of the philosophy of sustainability, asset management is a clever continuous process system for maintenance management of assets.

AWZI Harnaschpolder - Effluentpomp

Instead of replacing broken-down, or worn-out  parts on an ad hoc basis, we continuously check the maintenance status and the (remaining) quality of the installations. In this way we can take timely and well-founded decisions with regard to maintenance activities of all installations, through which we can minimize and control the risks for buildings, equipments, their environment and the people that work, live or stay there. At the same time, the installations will at all times be in a good state of repair.

At the end of the contract period, the installations will have to be handed back to the Delfland Water Board with the guarantee that the installations can function for at least five more years with the same performance, without requiring any major overhauls. Ten years before hand-back, an estimate is made of the possible financial consequences, necessary to bring the installations in the required hand-back condition. This will result in a final maintenance plan. As from that moment, yearly inspections will be held.

Each year, the Asset Management Plan is updated. The Asset Management Plan contains

  • a strategic part with the strategic visions and targets
  • a tactical part with the translating of the strategic part into concrete tactical targets and budgets
  • an operational part with the worked out yearly operational Inspection & Maintenance plan.