Environmental Management System

In the companies mission statement, the environment is one of the specified stakeholders. The company values focus among others on the continuous improvement of products and services for our stakeholders.

Compliance with this is aspired by integrating an Environmental Management System into the DSBV Quality Management System. This is also in line with the internal environmental management system of the company (BIM –Bedrijfs Intern Milieuzorgsysteem), laid down in the discharge permits of Harnascholder and Houtrust.


Part of the Environmental Management System is an Energy Control System. This Energy Control System is a direct result of the agreement between the Central Government and the Delfland Water Board (MJA3 -meerjarenafspraak) signed in 2008. DSBV has agreed to participate in this as well, however, considering the fact that the installations are mostly new, applying the data of 2008 instead of the nationally applied reference year 2005.

DSBV has committed itself to an effort driven obligation to reduce the energy use by 2% per year up to and including 2020, based on the data of  2008. Possibilities lie with the energy users (amongst others improvement of processes and equipment) and with the internal energy production (amongst others optimization of digesting process and the gas generators).