Quality system and workplan

Harnaschpolder - Slibbegisingstank

Quality management, (process)data management and asset management are important and valuable quality standards to support the primary business processes of Delfluent Services. This is not limited to the interest of our stakeholders, but is of special importance for ourselves, to remain continuously alert and focussed on the issues at hand. Since it is for us of the utmost importance to keep our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and PAS 55 certificates, we pay a lot of attention to the yearly audits.

The Quality Management System shall be in line with the Operations & Maintenance contract. In order to maintain the quality system, a QMS work plan was written, giving the opportunity to implement required modifications in the system, such as for instance due to organizational changes, in a project oriented way. The QMS work plan is part of the improvement cycle.