Black water system Rijswijk


Given the intention of the Delfland Water Board and Delfluent Services BV to apply innovative means to improve the sustainability of the waste water chain, the initiative was taken to investigate whether black water, originating from the future residential area “Sion”, can be led directly to the digester of the WWTP Harnaschpolder. The residential area Sion is located close by the WWTP. By means of a quick scan, the project aims to investigate the feasibility of a black water system.


In a black water system the houses are equipped with vacuum toilets and the black water coming from these toilets, will be collected separately and transported directly to the digester of the WWTP. The purpose of the quick scan is to inform the relevant parties about the features of black water with regard to the composition, production, collection, transport and the processing and to serve as a guide in discussions concerning starting points, chances and obstructions for a possible follow-up.