Deskstudy Alternative Sludge processing

CO2 Sequetration artistic

Three alternative innovation projects were proposed, all aiming at a more efficient way of sludge processing, each wit hits specific advantages with regard to the quantity of sludge, gas production, effluent quality, as well as energy consumption. These projects are: Sludge treatment by means of a Wurm reactor, Thermal Hydrolysis of sludge and Electro-chemical Aeration – CO2-sequestration.

slib close up

Desk study

In order to be able to make a choice, which of these three proposals offers the best potential, a desk study will be made. In this desk study the effects on the sludge production, the gas production, the effluent quality, the operation aspects and the existing infrastructure will be investigated, and an indication will be given of the required additional infrastructure, the investment costs and the operational costs.