Evaluation Technologies

Technologieën voor Zuivering Spui - Circulatiepompen

The aim of the project ‘Evaluation Technologies for treatment of discharge flows’ is: “to test the effectiveness, efficiency, applicability and feasibility of the technologies, proven in the water technology sector of The Netherlands, with regard to the removal of crop protection agents from the discharge waters from the greenhouse sector in The Netherlands.”


Sample analyses of water quality control authorities show that various active substances of crop protection agents are present in the surface waters in higher concentrations than desirable. Furthermore, calculations with a recently developed model show that the emission of crop protection agents from greenhouses is higher than previously assumed. This may have consequences for the admission of certain crop protection agents.

Plan of Approach Crop Protection

Recent data of the quality of surface water in the greenhouse area of Delfland show that the quality of water in this area is still far away from the national and European quality targets. This project is one of a number of potential projects, that can contribute to the solution of the too high emissions of crop protection agents to the surface waters. The project also focuses on the comments from the National Government regarding the Plan of Approach Crop Protection: besides the focus on awakening, the “end of pipe” solutions should also be considered, since the problem requires a quick and certain solution.