WWTP Houtrust


In order to have the biological treatment process perform properly, oxygen will have to be added to the water. This is realized by blowing air into the aeration tanks. The blowers that take care of the air supply, are large energy consumers in the WWTP. On top of that, the treated waste water, together with the treated waste water from WWTP Harnaschpolder, has to be pumped through a 2.5 kilometer long discharge main, far from the coast into the Northsea.

The required electricity for the treatment of the incoming waste water and the transport of the treated waste water to the Northsea, is partly supplied by the energy company and is partly generated by our own generators. The methane gas, used for the generators, is produced in the digesters using the sludge streams from the WWTP. The gas driven generators have sufficient capacity to still fully treat all incoming waste water in 90% of the time, in case of an interruption of the electricity supply by the energy company.