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The Delfland Water Board

The Delfland Water Board has adapted its organization ir order tp cope with the PPP contract by installing a Contract Management Team. Within the Delfland Water Board, this team is responsible for the control of the contract with Delfluent. The various disciplines within the management team, make it possible for the Delfland Water Board to guarantee sufficient control over the contractual obligations of Delfluent.

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Delfluent has a limited number of activities (mainly financing) taken care of by herself. This is realized with a small organisation (during the construction phase 7 persons and now 4), which is primarily focussed on the relationship with the Delfland Water Board, the compliance with the contractual obligations, maintaining the insurance portfolio and the financial reporting to the financing agencies.



BAHR consortium consists of a combination of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (50%), Heijmans en Strukton (50%). BAHR entered into the Engineering Procurement Construct (EPC) contract with Delfluent and is the responsible main contractor for the design and the construction of WWTP Harnaschpolder, the refurbishment of WWTP Houtrust and the commissioning of both treatment plants.

Delfluent Services

The shareholder of Delfluent Services (DSBV) is Evides Industriewater (100%). DSBV has entered into the Operation & Maintenance (O&M) contract with Delfluent and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the treatment plants and the accompanying transport system with 19 pumping stations.


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